In this article, I will be sharing you with Tips on how you can sell and close your invisible audience on social media.

Hear this,

selling to the invisible audience is the best way to crush your social media marketing especially if you’re running paid ads.

Trust me, am going to make this very short and straight to the point.

The invisible audience is those sets of people who come to your ad comment section, to read the following.

  1. They will come to see what people are commenting on and the questions they’re asking concerning the product or services that you’re advertising.

But I see many people (social media marketers) who ignore those questions in the comment section under their ads.

Many people will be redirecting prospects to the inbox or to WhatsApp which is cool, but if you have in mind to close your invisible audience, then do the following.

  1. Answer the questions being asked, then ask to direct them to your WhatsApp or the offer sales page link.
  2. Don’t shy away from saying the price if that’s being asked,
  3. When answering questions, make it very clear, having in mind that you want to clear your invisible audience.

Note: one question that you answer properly, can connect you to over 300+ invisible audiences to trust you & probably buy from you.

In conclusion: Don’t neglect any questions.
Don’t say this small girl /buy /student asking a question under your ad, use the question to connect and close your invisible audience.

This work like magic.

So now you know how to connect and sell to your invisible audience, go back to your ad, and do the needful.

I love you all.

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