Our Services Pricing & Plans

Our web design plans provide comprehensive solutions for businesses looking to establish a strong online presence. Whether you need a simple brochure website or a full-featured e-commerce platform, we have a variety of packages to suit your needs and budget. Our pricing is competitive yet flexible, so you can choose the exact features and functionality that best align with your goals.

For app design, we offer a range of plans from basic prototypes to full custom app development. Our team of experienced designers and developers will ensure that your app delivers a seamless user experience while meeting your business needs. Our pricing is based on the complexity of the project, so you only pay for what you need.

Social media advertising is a critical component of any marketing strategy, and our plans make it easy for brands to reach their target audience on social platforms. We offer a variety of packages that include audience targeting, ad design, and analytics reporting, giving you complete control over your advertising spend.

Lastly, our training plans are designed to help businesses and individuals elevate their skills in digital marketing, web development, and app design. Whether you prefer in-person or online training, we offer flexible schedules and customized curriculum to help you achieve your learning objectives. Prices vary based on the topic and duration of the training.

Starting from ₦13,500

We offer sponsored Ads on the following platforms, Facebook, Google, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok etc.

Web/ Apps Designing

We have 2 main plans for web design services,[ Basic and Premium Plan] and our Mobile Apps development is based on clients need.

web Trainings

Pick the experts Brain for a token

We offer web /Apps design and developemt trainings as well as Digital Marketing and many more.

Got any questions?

Here are spme of the questions to the most Frequent asked question by our Clients.

Payment Questions

We accept online and offline payments. which means you can pay with your cards online or you can transfer directly to our company account.

Yes, we have Company/Busness bank account because Holix Services Limited is legally registered and certified in Nigeria by CAC. 

This will only happen when a client faces some issues when making payments to our buisness account due poor networks. Then the alternative is to pay into the CEO bank account with the name [Kalu Ajah Uduma]

Yes, Most of our services offers 100% money back guarrantee when you didnt get value for the service paid for. You’ll get full refund after a proven reason[s] that you didnt get the value paid for.

plus/minus within 7 working days. for more details visit our Terms and Condition Page

Service Questions

Facebook falls under the category of social media Ads services. Click Here To get started.

There’s no difference between them, Any link can be your landing page and a landing page could be your website, your whatsapp group link, your FB page link etc. chat with our expert on +2349124292230 for further explantions.

This depends on the type of website you are bulding and the plan in which you opt-in for. Click here for Full details and plans comparison.

Yes, we can help you convert any website into a mobile App without losing any webfile or contents. Click Here for more Info.

We have both physical and Virtual[Online ] Trainings. You can contact our support team  for more details or click here to Lean More.