Top Questions to ask before beginning a web project. The more you understand about the project the easier it will be to complete it.

 What do you want to achieve with you website? Find the purpose.
• Who is your audience and what message do you want to give
• What makes you different from your competitors?
• Describe the style of website you want, are there sites with style
that you really like?
• Do you have colors you want to use, company branding, logos and
• What do you like most and like least about your current website?
• What’s on your competitors a site that you want? What do you
like about you competitors sites?
• Budget and what resources you already have?
• What is the most important thing to accomplish with this site?
• Understand the additional expectations and specs about the
client’s needs. Clients will have different requirements depending
on their expectations from you, make sure you set the
expectations in the beginning. For example who will manage the
content, how many pages they need, who will provide the
wording and images, where it will be hosted and so on.

Get the ideas from the client

Ask the client what are the keywords best describe what they are
looking for.
Get 3-5 keywords and use those words to brainstorm more.
The more you know you understand about your client the better.